Military Cot

Military Cot
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Military Cot

Anyone who has been in the army knows all too well about sleeping on a military cot. The traditional army cot consists of a frame supporting a canvass platform and a cot mattress. Army cots are designed to be folded up and carried from one encampment to another. Even the term army cot has become part of the lexicon, used to describe any type of folding, portable bed.

The frames of early army cots were typically made of wood with a folding X pattern support at each end and one support in the center. Two folding support bars connected the center support and two end frames, providing support to the canvas platform. Usually about 28 to 32 inches wide and 77 to 83 inches long, army cots were a fixture in barracks and bivouacs everywhere.

Folding cot beds have around in form or another for hundreds of years. In modern times, the cot is thought of as by many folks as a bed used at summer camps. If you use a cot, then you need a quality set of cot sheets. The truth is that the cot is considered many things by many people. Word usage and geography have played a part in how the humble cot is perceived. From baby nurseries to the yurts of Central Asian nomads, cots are essential part of daily life for millions of people. For many people, a cot consists of nothing more than a mattress without the benefit of a frame.

Nap Time

Cot mattresses are a fixture in many daycare environments. Toddlers and preschoolers, and perhaps some adults, need a daily nap. Usually only three inches thick, cot mattresses can be easily rolled out at the obligatory nap time then rolled up and stored when not in use. Moisture proof cot size mattress pads are almost always used, along with cot sheets that are washable and durable. Cots sheets need to equally washable and able to withstand the rigors of a childcare.

A Summer at Camp cot

The summer camp experience evokes plenty of memories for kids everywhere. For two or three weeks every summer, parents dutifully pack up their children, sending them off to summer camp and the great outdoors. Camp cots are often a fixture at many camps and parent must sometime supply the necessary bed linens, including cot sheet sets. Usually more than one set of cot sheets is needed. It is always a good idea to send along a cot mattress pad.

It goes without saying that the cot mattress is used so including a zippered cot mattress pad is always a good idea. One never knows what lurks in the heart of the average camp cot mattress and a cot mattress pad or cover can be the first line defense against dirt and dust mites.

Sport Camping Cots

As the Baby Boom Generation ages, trends in camping have taken a turn towards creature comforts even when taking to the woods. Speaking from my own experience, the days of snoozing in a sleeping bag on the hard ground have been over for a long time. Today my motto is camp cot, cot mattress and cot sheet set, don't leave home without them. For those of us who are not as svelte as we once were, cot manufacturers have responded with extra large cots that measure 40 inches wide and 85 inches long. Cot sheet set manufacturers have also responded with cot sheets that are made for these larger cots.

At 3 inches thick, cot mattresses may not rival your spacious bed back home, but designers have been feverishly working to make our communes with nature more comfortable. Regardless of your shape, there is cot mattress the cot sheet set that is right for you.

Cot Camping at Home

Just as the futon is fixture in many Japanese homes, camp mattresses have become a popular alternative to the western-style bed. For many Japanese, the use of a futon is one way to make more efficient use of scarce space. When it is time to retire, the futon is unrolled and used to sleep on. In the morning, the futon is rolled up and stored out of the way, freeing up space for other household activities.

Cot mattresses are much like a futon. At 3 inches thick, cot mattresses can too can be folded up and stored out of the way.

Buying the Right Cot Sheet Set

Cot sheet sets come in 4 basic sizes - 28 inches by 77 inches 25 inches by 74 inches 32 inches by 83 inches 40 inches by 85 inches

Cot mattresses are generally 3 inches thick and cot sheet sets are specially tailored for a nice snug fit. This is accomplished through the use of elastic banding sewn into the edge of the bottom sheet. The elastic banding is sewn around the entire edge seam. This helps to hold the cot sheet securely in place.

Cotton and cotton polyester blends are the most popular fabrics for cot sheet sets. Both fabrics and colorfast, completely washable and can be machine dried. Thread counts of at least 200, even for a cot mattress, are preferable to cot sheet set with a lower thread count. The thread for a cot sheet set can be a very important predictor of the sheet sets overall quality. The thread count is simply the measurement of the number of threads per square inch of woven fabric. The higher the thread count the softer and more substantial the fabric will feel.

No cot sheet set is complete without a quality cotton cot size mattress pad. Quilted for added, our cot size mattress pads feature a shell of 100% cotton with polyester fill. Cross sewn and made to fit these cot size mattress pads will not only add a layer of comfort, but will help protect the cot mattress.